About Dawni

Dawni is an artist who’s paintings and sculptural objects combine arresting forms with fine tactile quality.

 She is excited and inspired by nature, her works reflect the myriad of possibilities of texture, design and colour found therein.

Trained as a graphic designer, she spent many years painting, sculpting, hand printing and hand dyeing fabric under her label “One Women Walking”.

She worked for many years in UK and Europe in the fields of graphics, design and textiles.

Her Paintings are among some of today's most intriguing contemporary art, her works are inspired by nature and they carry a deep unspeakable message which resonates with today's eco conscious generation.

Most of her sculpture is in the form of Paper Mache, as far as paper mache reaches, she has very considerable technical skill, and a deep love and understanding for the basic material. Paper is an unpretentious and versatile medium. In the hands of a skilled crafts person it can speak many languages; sing beautiful songs. Slow to make, and therefore rare, Dawni's mixed media objects and pots are precise, original and full of vitality. An accumulation of sensations, with meticulous attention to detail. Paper has a timeless quality, and in this expendable age, links man with his activities and his environment.